International Conference on
Oncology and Cancer Treatment

November 19-20, 2018 | Berlin, Germany

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International Conference on
Oncology and Cancer Treatment

November 19-20, 2018 | Berlin, Germany

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Dr. Wassil Nowicky

Ukrianian Anti-Cancer Institute



Cancer is the second leading cause of death worldwide and in all regions of the world. Cancer is dangerous owing to its ability to spread around the body. The impossibility to solve the cancer problem lies down in the fact that all conventional treatment methods of this disease do not cure patients completely from it. Besides, all the conventional and known drugs do not have the selective effect: while using traditional methods of cancer treatment not only cancer cell are killed but the healthy cells too. All the efforts to solve this problem were not successful because it was considered that all cells have predominantly negative charges, but these have been proved to be more pronounced in cancer cells. .

This finding was the basis for the development of NSC 631570 (Ukrain). It consists of greater celandine alkaloid derivatives.

From ancient times the Celandine juice has been successfully used in the treatment of skin diseases. Thus, for example, the Slavic folks used to call it «бородавочник» (borodavoch-nyk — the warthog) and the Germans call it “Warzenkraut”. People have observed and noted that if the Celandine juice would be applied on the the wart, then it should disappear in a week. The warts are the same tumours, but only of benign origin. With help of the juice of Celandine the skin cancer can also be treated.

The Celandine juice consists of 98% alkaloids. There have been found 45 alkaloids until now. Their correlation depends on the time of the plant collection. To give the Celandine alkaloids the anti cancer effect I made it positively ionised

As a result the substance accumulates very rapidly in tumour tissue and metastases, which can also be seen through the fluorescence of the tissue under the UV light. The anti cancer preparation NSC 631570 (Ukrain) gives grounds to guess that the cancer is a curable disease. This is a new mode of therapy called proton therapy and many scientists all over the world are devoting themselves to this promising approach.

Thanks to the events like International Conference on Oncology & Cancer Science scientists make faster progress by sharing their knowledge to spark creative thinking and new scientific ideas.


Cancer research trends towards future cancer free world

About the Conference

We welcome you all to the International Conference on Oncology and Cancer Treatment to be held during November 19-21, 2018 Berlin, Germany under the theme “Cancer Research trends towards future cancer free world”.The Scientific Sessions offers researchers and health care professionals the unique opportunity to share ideas and learn about the significant advances in the areas of oncology and cancer science to attendees.

The program is categorized into sessions, allowing you to focus on your specialty or expand your knowledge in other areas.

  1. Oncology Sessions
  2. Cancer Science Sessions


  1. Gynecologic Oncology
  2. Radiation Oncology
  3. Geriatric Oncology
  4. Pediatric Oncology
  5. Tumor Immunology and Immuno-Oncology
  6. Urologic Oncology
  7. Radiation and Surgical Oncology
  8. Clinical and medical Oncology
  9. Veterinary Oncology
  1. Breast Cancer
  2. Lung Cancer
  3. Organ Specific Cancers
  4. Oral and Throat Cancers
  5. Blood Cancer and Hematologic Malignances
  6. Prostate Cancer and Therapeutics
  7. Renal Cancers and Melanoma
  8. Pancreatic and Colorectal Cancers
  9. Cancer Genetics and Epidemiology
  10. Cancer Biomarkers
  11. Cancer Bioinformatics
  12. Cancer Screening and Diagnosis
  13. Reproductive Cancers
  14. Tumor Metabolism and Pathology
  15. Cancer cells and Model Systems
  16. Novel approaches for Screening and Prevention
  17. Anticancer Therapy - Discovery and Delivery
  18. Palliative Care
  19. Hematology
Mercure Hotel Berlin Tempelhof
Berlin, Germany
19 Nov 2018
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Dr. Wassil Nowicky

Nowicky Pharma & President - Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute
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Dr. Sunali Khanna

Asian Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology
Nair Hospital Dental College
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Dr. Jaleel Kareem Ahmed

University of Babylon
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Jing Wang

Institute for Neurosciences Montpellier

Renowned Speakers

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Dr. TimurKoca

Radiation Oncologist
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Yunwei Han

The Affiliated Hospital of Southwest Medical University,
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Xuewen Hou

Charité University Medicine Berlin
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M. A. Alnafea

King Saud University, Radiologic Sciences Dept,


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KeyNote Speakers

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The anti-cancer preparation NSC-631570 (UKRAIN) and its radio protective effect

Dr. WassilNowicky,Director NowickyPharma& President -Ukrainian Anti-Cancer Institute Austria
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Dr. Sunali Khanna, President Asian Academy of Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology,Nair Hospital Dental CollegeIndia
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The Links between COPD and Cancer

Dr. Jiachun Lu, Dean & Director Guangzhou Medical University,China
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Alternative and Complimentary management of Chronic Breast Cancer: A discrete choice clinical case report

Prof Kenneth YongabiAnchang, Director, Phyto-biotechnology Research Foundation (PRF) Institute , CEO/Production Manager, STK Biotech Ltd,Bamenda, Cameroon. ,Adjunct Professor of Biotechnology, Ebonyi State University, Nigeria.
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RealTime Diagnostic Interventional Sonography Guided Breast Masses Core Biopsy

Vikas Leelavati Balasaheb Jadhav, Clinical Research Scientist,India
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The involvement of Carnitine System in cancer metabolic flexibility

Prof. Gianfranco Peluso , Research Director,Italian National Research Council, Italy
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Dr. K .P Mishra, President, Asian Association for Radiation Research (AARR),India

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